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Holiday Spending Plan
Amount available in your budget for the holidays:
Amount Used:
Amount Remaining: (If remaining appears in red lettering - you have overspent.)

Gift Recipient Gift # Gift Choice Size Color(s) Store(s) Estimated Cost Price Paid X
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Total for all Gifts:  
Instructions For Using The
Holiday Spending Plan
  1. Determine the total dollar amount available in your budget for holiday spending.
  2. Prepare a list of gift recipients and set a budgeted amount for each person’s gift.
  3. List possible gift choices along with appropriate size, color, and stores carrying items.
  4. List miscellaneous expenses (decorations, cards, etc.) and set a budgeted amount.
  5. List the estimated cost for each gift choice.
  6. Check the estimated cost for each gift choice against the budgeted amount.
  7. Consider another choice if the estimated cost is greater than the budgeted amount.
  8. List the price paid against the budgeted amount.
  9. Total the price paid amounts.
  10. Check the price paid amounts total against the total amount available for your holiday spending.

Miscellaneous Budgeted Price Paid
Gift Wrap
Misc. Total:
+ Gift Total:
Budget Total:

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