High School/College Course Content            Middle Level Course Content

 Pre-test  (36 questions randomly selected)  

 Income Modules:

1.  The Plans We Have for Our Lives  
2.  Lifetime Plan
3.  Earned Income and Skill Demand
4.  Earned Income and Skill Supply  
5. Property Income  
6.  Unearned Income from Financial
       Assets and Transfer Payments
7.  The Consumer Life Cycle
8.  Income Over the Life Cycle
9.  Federal Income Taxes
10. Other Deductions from Pay

 Expense Modules:

11. Tracking Expenses and Budgeting
12. Paying for What We Buy
13. Using a Checking Account
14. Renting a Home
15. Owning a Home
16. Food and Clothing
17. Buying or Leasing a Vehicle
18. Operating a Vehicle
19. Vacation and Leisure

 Saving and Investing Modules:

20. Investing in Physical Assets
21. Savings
22. Short-Term Saving Vehicles
23. Long-Term, Fixed Income Assets
24. Equities
25. Investment Funds
26. Investing in Business

 Credit Modules:

27. Costs and Benefits of Borrowing
28. Secured Borrowing
29. Credit Cards and Other Unsecured Borrowing
30. Your Credit Rating
31. Student Loans
32. Identify Theft 

 Insurance Modules:

33. Understanding Insurance
34. Life, Wills and Disability Insurance
35. Health Insurance
36. Retirement

 Post-Test Pre-test (36 questions randomly selected)


 Income Modules:

1.  Earned Income and Skill Demand
2.  The Consumer Life Cycle
3.  Withholdings and Deductions from Pay

 Expense Modules:

4. Tracking Expenses and Budgeting
5. Paying for What We Buy
6. Using a Checking Account
7. Renting a Home versus Owning a Home
8. Food and Clothing
9. Buying or Leasing a Vehicle 

 Saving Modules:

10. Savings

 Credit Modules:

11. Credit Cards
12. Your Credit Rating